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Megan Willmes

My name is Megan, a forever teacher, sometimes archaeologist, and rarely without a Lord of the Rings quote for any occasion. 

I began working with kids when I was one myself, almost ten years ago, as an assistant coach for a creative problem-solving and theatre club called Odyssey of the Mind, and I stayed on as a coach and judge for almost seven years. I volunteered as a writing tutor throughout my high school and college years and decided to leverage that experience into an actual career. I earned a CELTA certification to teach English as a second language in 2018. Then off I went to the Republic of Georgia (not the state; the country below Russia) to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I taught English, creative writing, and American culture in my little village school to all grades, K-12. I spent my free time doing some more teaching, this time focusing on STEM, traveling to underserved, rural villages and facilitating hands-on science experiments. Upon completion of my Peace Corps service, I returned to the U.S., where I now work as an education specialist at the National Museum of the United States Army.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a History minor from the College of William and Mary in 2016. I received recognition for my history thesis on Polish history and awards for previous oral presentations of my research into labor union history. In terms of archaeological experience, I’ve excavated at four different sites in four countries (Israel, Georgia, Ireland, and the U.S.), ranging in time from a 2000 BCE mound city to a 1600s Algonquin village. 

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