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Kathryn Pettus

A George Mason University graduate with a Major in Fine Art and Minor in Game Design. She works primarily in traditional mediums, designing creatures, characters, and worlds as a concept artist. She has experience teaching children art from ages 3-17, some with special needs. She has been an art teacher at two art schools as well as a private instructor.

Kathryn Pettus’ preferred mediums are graphite, watercolor pencil, marker, and ink/ballpoint pen. She has experience in other traditional mediums as well as non-traditional. When not drawing 30 hours a week, she enjoys writing stories about dragons as she’s in the process of being a published author. She also plays videogames such as Skyrim, Halo, Mass Effect, and StarCraft, reads Transformers comics, and takes care of her cat and dog who own her and make her give them potato chips.

2019-20 Q1 and Fall Classes Open for Registrations
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