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Dr. Karleen Boyle

Dr. B received her Ph.D. in Biology, Ecology, and Evolution from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2002.

* Her research focuses on field ecology studies measuring the interactions of human activities and the structure and function of coastal ecosystems.

* Her research projects have included:

o Studying how nutrient runoff from urban watersheds influences blooms of macroalgae in coastal wetlands in California.

o Measuring small particles of heavy metals and hydrocarbons from jet engine exhaust in the air around airports and working to identify a chemical “fingerprint” that distinguishes aircraft emissions from automobile emissions.

* Dr. Boyle has over twenty years of experience teaching students ranging in age from preschool to adults. Her teaching focus is hands-on science learning and problem-solving skills.

* Her professional focus is on improving communication and technical understanding between researchers, policy-makers and the public.

* Dr. Boyle is the owner and director of The Science Place, which provides in-school and after-school science enrichment programs to schools throughout northern Virginia and Richmond.

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