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Inquisiminds Information, Rules, and Policies


Who We Are

Inquisiminds is a secular and safe environment where K-12 students can participate in a variety of academic and enrichment classes to further their educational needs year-round. At Inquisiminds, children may attend one class or several classes centered around their interests and academic goals. We strive to offer the core classes as well as the fun stuff! The director works collaboratively to ensure quality programming in an open and friendly environment and strives to make the center as flexible, relevant and welcoming as possible to both parents and children. We always welcome any ideas or feedback.

The Director

As for the owner, Liesel Golden is a homeschool mom who recently started Inquisiminds as an academic and enrichment center in Burke, VA. She is a retired Air Force Colonel and civil engineer. When she retired after 23 years of active duty service and 5 years as a DoD civil servant, she decided to homeschool her then fourth-grade boy/girl twins. She was in a situation where she required a facility that could offer her kids affordable classes throughout the week with the flexibility to choose classes on Monday through Friday.


Inquisiminds holds classes at Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, 6304 Lee Chapel Road, Burke, Virginia. Although we hold our classes at a church, we are a secular academic center that does not teach religion or have it woven into any classes. We are open to all religions and races and enthusiastically welcome all diverse backgrounds.

Operating Hours

Classes include full-year, semester, and quarterly academic and elective classes for homeschool, public/private school, and after-school students. During the academic school year, September through May, classes will be held in four quarters. Some classes might run for one quarter, one semester, or for the whole nine-month academic year. Please see the academic year schedule online at

Tuesday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Friday 9:30 am – 2:00 pm
Weekends TBD

Please see the class schedule for specific class times.

Primary Communication Method

The primary mode of communication between Inquisiminds and our community is via email. Please make sure you’re on the distribution list by establishing an account on our website. Parents with students registered for classes will receive weekly emails from their instructors with class summaries. This will help them to know what’s going on if they don’t get the full report through their child.


Wi-Fi is available on site free of charge. No password is required.

Facebook –

If you are a Facebook user, please make sure to “like” us on Facebook as that is where we will post information on classes, teachers, and upcoming events. Additionally, if weather-related closings prevent Inquisiminds from opening, these important announcements will be posted on Facebook.

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Parents must be in the building or on the church property with children 8 and under or delegate another adult to be responsible for their child(ren) in case of an emergency. In this case, the Parent/Legal Guardian Proxy must be completed and signed. The only exception is for students attending the Junior Academy program where parents are not required to stay on site.
  2. Remind children how they are to conduct themselves in a classroom setting.
  3. Monitor the behavior of their children.
  4. Do not drop off students any earlier than 15 mins prior to class and please pick up students promptly upon class completion.
  5. Ensure that children 12 years and under are supervised at all times both inside and outside the building.
  6. Adhere to the established discipline procedures.
  7. Children 13 years or older may sign themselves in and out at the front desk after completing the Student Conduct Agreement.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Respect and obey your teacher.
  2. Respect your peers and be cooperative. Bullying is not tolerated in any form.
  3. Respect the property – this includes the church, classroom and any and all materials in them.
  4. Conduct yourself in a safe and orderly manner. Enter through the main doors and be quiet in the halls as others will be in class.
  5. Be on time and prepared for class. Late arrival disrupts the class and is unfair to everyone involved.
  6. No electronics shall be used in class unless the teacher specifically asks for it. This means cell phones, tablets, electronic gaming etc should be set to silent and put away.
  7. There is no food or drink except water allowed in the classrooms. Gum chewing during class is also not allowed.
  8. Skates, healies, ripstiks, bicycles, and scooters are not to be used at Inquisiminds.

Drop-off Policy

Parents must be in the building or on the church property with children 8 years old and younger (by September 1 of the program year) or delegate another adult to be responsible for their child in case of emergency, the Parent/Legal Guardian Proxy must be completed and signed. Parents must supervise children during the breaks between classes and ensure that they arrive at the next class on time. The only exception is for students attending the Junior Academy program where parents are not required to stay on site. Students are not allowed on the playground or outside at any time without parental supervision.

Students who are between 9 and 12 years old (by September 1 of the program year) must be signed in by a parent, guardian or proxy at the front desk, but they do not have to stay on campus while the student is in class. However, one of these responsible adults must be present during the breaks.

Students who are 13 years or older (by September 1 of the program year) can be dropped off. Drop-off students will sign in upon arrival. Parents will ensure the current emergency contact information is correct, and students and parents will sign the Code of Conduct Form before drop-off is allowed.

Students are not to be dropped off for class any earlier than 15 mins prior to the start of class. Students must be picked up promptly at the end of class.

Discipline Procedure

If a child is reported to the directors to be uncooperative, disruptive or disrespectful, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. On the first occurrence, the child will be spoken to by the teacher and/or the director and an email will be sent to the parent.
  2. On the second occurrence, the student will be asked to sit out the remainder of the class and a parent/director meeting will be arranged. The student will not return to class until the meeting has occurred and the issue has been resolved.
  3. On the third occurrence, the child will be removed from class and will not return to for the remainder of the session. No refund will be given for the class.

Building Use Rules

  1. No smoking, drugs, alcohol or firearms are allowed at any time on the property.
  2. The sanctuary, the church office, and its connecting hallway is not part of our rented space and should not be entered. There is a large foyer in the front of the building that is available for use.
  3. Leave no trace! Place all trash and recyclables in their appropriate containers, and leave your occupied space cleaner than you found it. On rainy days, ensure wet umbrellas and shoes don’t track in mud and dirt.
  4. Keep in mind we are guests in our rented space.

Outside Rules

  1. Running should be contained to the fenced playground area and basketball court only.
  2. Climbing is permitted on the playground equipment only. No climbing on anything else.
  3. Playing is prohibited in the parking lots.
  4. Furniture inside the building must stay in the building. Please bring your own chairs or blankets for use outside.
  5. Children should be reminded to invite others to play and to keep their hands on their own bodies.
  6. Some children enjoy rough play and others do not. Please save wrestling, sticks, swords, and Nerf blasters for at home. Our rented space does not have adequate space for this sort of play.
  7. If families are leaving after playing outside, we ask that you please re-enter the building and sign your children out.


Service dogs are welcome on campus. No other animals are permitted.

Illness Policy

For the consideration and well being of others, please do not bring a child to class who is experiencing the following symptoms:

  1. Fever over 100
  2. Colored mucus (yellow of green snotty nose)
  3. Diarrhea, vomiting or nausea (within the last 24 hours)
  4. Gunky or crusty eyes
  5. Virus, infection, or any other condition known to be contagious (to include ringworm and head lice)


Registration is on a first come, first-served basis with first preference given to current students. Wait lists will be established so if circumstances change for a registered student, students on the waitlist will be moved into the class. Students may enroll in a class late with teacher approval. Each request will be considered on a case by case basis. Please know that no personal information (name, age, address etc.) will be posted or given out at any time.

Class Placement

One of the advantages of homeschooling is allowing each student to perform at the level they are capable of. Therefore, a parent may choose to place their child in a class ONE grade level up or down from their age appropriate grade. Please keep in mind that anymore than one grade level needs to be approved by the teacher prior to registration and the student must demonstrate the appropriate maturity level to handle the classroom work and environment.


Class fees have been established to allow members flexibility to choose the number of classes that best fit their educational, social, and financial needs. Additional material fees may apply and will be included in the class description. If this fee is not paid to the instructor on the first day of class, the student may not participate in class until the fee is paid. No refund for the class will be given.

We do not have any registration fees or online convenience fees. What you see as the class fee is the total price.

A student is allowed to transfer to another class, up until the beginning of the second class. A $30 change fee, in addition to the difference between the class costs, will be charged. No refund will be given for transferring to a less expensive class. The material/supply fee is non-refundable.

Refund Policy

The class fee is non-refundable.

The determination to hold a class will be made three weeks prior to the start of the term. If the minimum number of students is not met, the class will be canceled. If a class is canceled due to low enrollment, a full refund will be issued or can be used towards another class.


Most upper level high school classes (and some middle school classes) may have homework. Teachers will not give out grades or administer tests but will communicate with parents on their child’s standing in the class to help that parent assign their child a grade for transcript purposes.

Children with Special Needs

All families and children are welcome at Inquisiminds. However, our program is not designed to meet the needs of special needs students. If you have a student with learning challenges, please contact the director prior to registration. We will try to meet the needs of all students, but this may not be possible in all cases. Open communication and observation will help our teachers support you and your child’s needs. It is at the teacher’s discretion to allow a student to take their class when there are special needs. If it is determined during the course of the year that a student’s needs are making excessive demands upon the teacher or the class, the student may be dropped from the class. If your child has special needs or you have concerns for your child, we encourage you to speak with us before registration so we can see how/if we can accommodate your student.

Inquisiminds is handicap-accessible and is on the main floor of the building.

If a child has a serious medical issue, relevant information should be provided to Inquisiminds at the time of registration, and a parent must remain on the premises during all class times. Inquisiminds will not be responsible for administering medications.


Parking is available behind the building. Handicap parking is reserved for those with a parking tag issued by the state.

In the Event of Fire

Fire escape routes are posted, and we will all meet in the back part of the parking lot behind the building where the basketball courts are located.

In the Event of Inclement Weather

Abiding Presence follows FCPS closures so Inquisiminds will as well. If class is cancelled due to weather, we will post cancellations via Facebook and email by 8am the morning of class. We may have a backup day built in. If we do not, the teacher will make every effort to schedule a makeup class. We understand that families may be traveling from far distances. Each family should use their best judgment with regards to traveling safely in poor weather. Use your own discretion.

Media Release

Inquisiminds periodically uses electronic and traditional media (e.g., photographs, video, audio footage, testimonials) for publicity and educational purposes. By registering for classes, students and parents give permission to Inquisiminds to use such reproductions for educational and publicity purposes in perpetuity without further notice.


Inquisiminds, its teachers and staff and the owners at Lee Chapel Road Burke VA assume no liability in any injuries incurred while using our programming or rental facilities, including personal injury from accidents or illness arising from participation in Inquisiminds activities (including but not limited to instruction, open and organized outdoor time, any and all classes, enrichment programs, injury during observation, individual use of facilities or equipment, and all premises including the associated sidewalks, basketball courts, playground and parking lots), or any and all claims resulting from the damage to, loss of, or theft of property. Parents are directly responsible for the welfare of their children while using our facilities and as such should be aware of the inherent risks surrounding activities with our group. Further, we believe that parents are a child’s first teacher and classes, field trips or other events hosted through Inquisiminds should be used for enrichment purposes only. Inquisiminds cannot guarantee “learning” or academic advancement in any area.

By registering for classes at Inquisiminds you agree that you have read and will abide by the policies outlined in this manual. Parents and students agree to comply with the policies herein as a requirement for participation at Inquisiminds. In addition, all parents and students must complete and sign the adult/youth waivers at appendix 1 and bring it to the first day of class to be kept on file.

Parent/Legal Guardian Proxy (Appendix 2)

I, the parent / legal guardian of the student(s) listed below, give permission for the following person to be my proxy in order to authorize emergency medical care and supervise my student(s) at all times while I am not at Inquisiminds. I give my proxy permission to sign my student(s) in and out of Inquisiminds. I understand that I am responsible for maintaining current contact information. I certify I have obtained permission of the proxy to act on my behalf. I understand I take full responsibility to notify my proxy when they are required to supervise my student(s).

Student Code of Conduct Agreement (Appendix 3)

I understand that being allowed to be dropped off at Inquisiminds is a privilege. I agree to abide by the following rules while on campus and understand that if I don’t follow the rules, my drop-off privilege will be revoked.

I agree to:

  • Respect the teachers and adults at Inquisiminds and follow all of their directions.
  • I will attend all of the classes for which I am enrolled.
  • I will sign in and out of Inquisiminds. I will ensure that the proper emergency contact number for the adult is listed on the sign in sheet.
  • I will treat all others and myself with respect. Aggressive, abusive, vulgar, or violent language and behavior towards others (ex: fighting, threats, insults, bullying, belittling, discrimination, etc.) are NOT permitted.
  • I will respect the privacy of others.
  • I will not disturb classes in session or make noise in the hallways.
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Contact Info

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