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Writer’s Workshop

Teacher: Stephanie Gillespie

Writer’s Workshop is simply a casual, low-stress gathering where all types of writers (from reluctant to enthusiastic) work to develop a personal daily writing habit, share their writing, and learn helpful writing strategies. Each week, writers will bring writing from home to share and receive positive feedback.

The workshop setting encourages kids to write with an audience in mind. Writing for a particular audience can help writers develop clarity in their work and develop their “writer’s voice” which in turn makes writing more fluent and less formulaic. This workshop will help kids recognize their personal strengths as writers. Our workshop setting will value creativity over formula, content over correctness, practice over theory—all qualities essential to developing writers. The workshop will help kids learn that all writers occasionally struggle, and that there are many ways to work through those difficulties. Most of all, the workshop will show kids that writing can be fun! We will play with writing in class through different types of entertaining writing “explorations.”

“If we want kids to write, we don’t need to find them paper with perfectly spaced lines. We don’t need to search out penmanship worksheets or curricula with appealing writing prompts. What we need to find for our kids is an audience. We need to give kids a reason to write, so the desire to write can begin to bubble—and an audience is often what it takes.” –Patricia Zaballos, author of Workshops Work!

(NOTE: If your child struggles with writing due to dyslexia or dysgraphia, this can definitely be accommodated in this class using parental scribes and/or assistive technologies such as voice-to-text transcribing and keyboarding.)

This class may be repeated as many times as desired.

The class materials fee is $20 for the semester . This class may be repeated as many times as desired.

Instructor: Stephanie G

Minimum Required Enrollment: 11

Course Length: 1.5-hour class per week / 16 weeks / total 24 hours / semester

Cost: $180 per semester + $20 supply fee = $200 per student per semester

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Grades 5-9