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World History

Teacher: Renee Jackson

This year long course, separated into 2 semester courses, can be taken together for a full year of high school World history or can be taken individually.

In this first session of high school level world history, we will be looking at the ancient world.  We will consider the origins of man and the earliest civilizations and analyze their similarities and differences while looking at key figures, contributions, and significance in the history of our species.

This class can stand alone or can be taken with future world history offerings at Inquisiminds to satisfy a full year of high school World History.  Students should expect to spend approximately 60-90 min per week in work at home to prepare for the upcoming class.  Classes will follow a discussion format with occasional quizzes and outside research.

Students who wish to use this course for credit on their high school transcript will receive a rubric upon completion of the coursework for this semester (which would include class participation, written assignments, and quizzes).

Instructor: Renee J

Minimum Required Enrollment: 5

Course Length: 1-hour class per week/ 14 weeks/ semester

Cost: $135 per semester

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