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Wacky Computer Fundamentals and Word Basics

Teacher: Katrin Dulanto-Hassenstein

What does BIOS, RAM, CPU, ribbon, tab, template stand for, what are they used for, how do they work?

Take a computer apart, look inside and figure out how a computer works and focus on learning the Microsoft program Word. Learn to use Word to your advantage to create automated letters, labels, table of index, index, templates, graphic, tables, columns and more.

Every student will work on one project, which they want to accomplish with Word, like a newsletter, a chore list, a book, or ????

Student needs to bring a laptop with Microsoft Word installed (best version 2016 and up but older versions will also work). 

Instructor: Katrin D-H

Minimum Required Enrollment: 4

Course Length: 1-hour class per week/ 8 weeks/ quarter

Cost: $60 per quarter

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