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U.S. Government Spring Semester

Teacher: Renee Jackson

Fall Semester:
1st Qtr – What is government and how does it work in the United States? Topics include structures of federal, state, and local government.  In addition, a brief look at other forms of governments around the world.
2nd Qtr – We The People –  citizens rights and responsibility
Spring Semester:
3rd Qtr – The Constitution and the Law – processes by which laws are created and adopted with an  in depth look at amendments that have altered our government and history.
4th Qtr – The Highest Court in the Land – analysis and debate of major supreme court cases of the last 50 years.

Instructor: Renee J

Minimum Required Enrollment: 5

Course Length: 50 min class per week/ 16 weeks/ semester

Cost: $160 per semester

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