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The Science of Climate Change

Teacher: Stephanie Gillespie

Climate Change is the science issue of your student’s lifetime! This is the class to help them learn the science behind it and how to advocate for change.

The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course uses a text and 18 hands-on activities to explain and teach the science of global warming and climate change, how humans are responsible, and what can be done to slow or stop the rate of global warming and climate change.

Subjects covered include how molecules transfer energy from the sun to warm the atmosphere, greenhouse gases, the greenhouse effect, global warming, the Industrial Revolution, the combustion reaction, feedback loops, the relationship between weather and climate, climate change, carbon sinks, extinction, carbon footprint, recycling, alternative energy, and advocating for change. This class is a perfect compliment for students looking for real-life connections among their chemistry, biology, Earth science, and physics studies.

This will be a fun and engaging class for kids who want to understand what climate change is all about. It presents solid science in an accessible and tangible way that helps kids understand all

of the pieces of a complex issue.

Students will each need to purchase the following text for this class, but the instructor can get a better price purchasing directly from the author:

Material Fee: $15 per semester payable to the instructor at the first class

Instructor: Stephanie G

Minimum Required Enrollment: 6

Course Length: 1, 1-hour class per week / 15 weeks / semester

Cost: $207 per semester


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