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Slow Flow Yoga and Dance

Teacher: Debi Carroll

1St and 3rd Week rotation
Soul Flow Yoga and Dance
Soul Flow Yoga and dance class includes mindful movement and postures. This energetic class is taught to with music including pop, electronica, jazz, Latin, New Age, Indian and French. This class offers an all-encompassing, general flow class suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced. Options are offered for modifying as well as advancing poses so that each individual can practice according to their individual needs. Great all-around class for building strength, releasing tension, improving flexibility, & quieting the mind.

2nd and 4th week rotation
Slow your flow Yoga
An easy-paced class with an emphasis on gentle movement, sweet stretches, breathing and relaxation. This class is for students with little, no yoga experience and those that want an easy to follow, mindful beginning yoga class. Slow your flow is an ideal way to learn the fundamentals of a safe, healthy yoga practice. -Discover the physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice. -Strengthen your body and mind.

Inquisiminds’ Academy students can enroll in this class and go directly from academy to have a snack and then start class at 2:15. Academy parents then will pick up their student at 3:15 instead of 2pm.

Instructor: Debi C

Course Length: 1-hour class per week/ 8 weeks/ quarter

Cost: $80 per quarter

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