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Robotics Workshop

Teacher: Mimi Trumbaugh

During Quarter 4 we’ll be using two new robotic systems: Ozobots and the Makeblock robotic ranger.  These robots allow students to build a robot from the ground up, program it and modify their creation to do many different tasks.  We’ll learn how to incorporate different sensors and types of programming into the robots and practice several methods of coding ranging from simple – using colored blocks to tell our Ozobot how to move, to inputting basic coding commands to our robotic rangers from a laptop.  We’ll challenge ourselves to send our robots on different missions – exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb, or racing against time to defuse a “bomb”. The opportunities for learning are endless!

Instructor: Mimi T In partnership with Googol Education

Minimum Required Enrollment: 5

Course Length: 50 min class per week / 9 weeks  /quarter

Cost: $135 per quarter

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