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Public Communication for Life

Teacher: Renee Jackson

Throughout life, the ability to communicate well will be a valuable tool.  From school presentations to job interviews, meeting and networking within your chosen field, and communicating effectively on the job, your ability to communicate will be challenged.  In this class, we will consider the basics of preparing various types of speeches, how to identify your audience, how to avoid common public speaking bad habits, and how to capture the audience’s attention and hold it.  We will prepare individual “elevator speeches” and learn how to communicate by phone.  We will also explore some pitfalls of email communication and texting in relation to your school and professional life.  Students should expect to spend approximately 45-60 min per week preparing for class.

Instructor: Renee J

Minimum Required Enrollment: 4

Course Length: 1-hour class per week/ 9 weeks/ quarter

Cost: $80 per quarter

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