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Piano 2

Teacher: Pious Honny

Continue learning how to play the piano! Students will learn the principles necessary to play the piano effectively within the shortest time possible.

By the end of the course, students will:

  • continue the principles necessary to play the piano effectively
  • learn to play the major scales in the keys of C,G,D and F
  • learn all the I, IV and V chord progressions in keys of C,G,D and F
  • Learn accompaniment patterns
  • play songs on a piano keyboard spanning three octaves

Students do not need a key board nor a piano at home. All instruction and playing will be done during class. You are welcome to bring a keyboard to class but it is not necessary.

Prerequisite: Piano 1 completion

Instructor: Pious H

Minimum Required Enrollment: 5

Course Length: 1 hour class per week/  7 weeks / quarter

Cost: $95 per quarter

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