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Painting 1

Teacher: Kathryn Pettus

Students must have completed either one or two quarters of drawing to enroll in this class.

Students will learn how to paint simplistic and abstract paintings using acrylic paint on canvas. The students will learn how to implement paint to create mark making, push and pull, mood, use the Elements of Art, and how to work with the medium.
Supplies required will be acrylic paint, stretched canvas, paintbrushes, wax paper (or plastic palette), palette knife, cups and water, graphite pencils (regular 2HB acceptable), easel* (optional*).

Instructor: Kathryn P

Minimum enrollment requirement: 3

Course Length: 1 hour per week / 8 weeks (Mon), 9 weeks (Tues)/quarter

Cost: $76 per quarter (Mon)/ $86 per quarter (Tues)

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