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Organs and Organ Systems Dissections 2

Teacher: Donna Shackelford

Organs and Organ Systems is a laboratory-based course that investigates the structure and function of the human body.

Topics covered will include the basic organization of the body; biochemical composition; and major body systems along with the impact of diseases on certain systems.

Students will engage in many topics and competencies related to truly understanding the structure and function of the human body. Working from the topics of basic anatomical terminology to the biochemical composition of the human body, all the way into great detail of each of the major systems of the body. Students will be responsible for proper use of lab equipment including microscope use, proper dissection techniques, and proper names of lab equipment.

Students must complete pre-lab work in order to perform dissections each week.

If pre-lab work is not completed before class, then students will be required to do the homework during class, which will limit their dissection time.

Dissections will include sheep eye, cow kidney, bone and muscles.

Dissections will be run in groups of 2 to 4 students. This means that no student is forced to do the dissection but can opt to watch instead. Preserved organs are dry-packed and sent in the least amount of preservative possible which limits the smell but in turn is more expensive to purchase. Lab fees are necessary to purchase quality organs that are harvested in a humane way for dissections.

The lab fee is $35 and is payable directly to the instructor on the first day of class.

Course Length: 50 min class per week / 6 weeks/quarter

Cost: $143 per quarter

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