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MS/HS Marine Biology

Teacher: Ms. Kay

Join us on a virtual tour of Earth’s ocean ecosystems!  During this 13 week course, we’ll learn the basic physics, biology, and chemistry of our oceans.  We’ll explore habitats that include the high energy, extreme intertidal zone, deep sea hydrothermal vents, polar seas, kelp forests and coral reefs. Life evolved in the sea, and our oceans are home to many amazing groups of animals that are never seen on land.  This class will survey the incredible range of phyla found there – from single-celled dinoflagellates (that can be both photosynthetic and predatory – and make their own light) to the largest mammal on earth, the blue whale. We’ll also learn the integral role earth’s oceans play in regulating climate, and how climate change is affecting these ecosystems.

Join us for some challenging and fun hands-on science! This class is designed as a survey course, to give the students a broad overview of the subject, so we’ll talk about physics concepts, but we won’t get into the specific mathematical equations involved.  If your student is not a physics/math fan, they’ll be perfectly happy with the level we’re approaching things at.

Class is live online and labs will be held outside with social distancing and masks once a month in Springfield, VA.  The option to do the in-person labs virtually is available. 

Material fee: $10 supply fee 

Instructor: The Science Place, Kaira Harris

Minimum enrollment requirement: 4

Course Length: 50 mins per week /16 weeks / semester

Cost: $208+ $10 supply fee = $218 per semester

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