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Modern US History, Quarter 4

Teacher: Renee Jackson

This year long course, separated into 4 quarter courses, can be taken together for a full year of high school US history or can be taken individually to enhance your knowledge of US History in the modern period.

New students welcome in any quarter. 

Contemporary (Modern) US History 2 will examine United States history from the edge of 21st century through the current year. Our focus will be on the post 911 era and the influence of this world event on our current history. As part of the analysis of this contemporary period, we will look at US life at home by examining the music, art, and popular culture of various ethnicities that make up America. The coursework will include discussions of assigned materials using a variety of nonfiction materials and historical fiction. Discussion and small group activities will be key to processing course material. There will be optional written assignments and quizzes.

It is not necessary to have been a student in Modern US History 1. Students should expect to spend approximately 2-3 hours of outside work per week in assigned work at home.

Students who wish to use this course for credit on their high school transcript will receive a rubric upon completion of the coursework for this semester (which would include class participation, written assignments, and quizzes).

Instructor: Renee J

Minimum Required Enrollment: 4

Course Length: 1-hour class per week/ 9 weeks/ quarter

Cost: $99 per quarter

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