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Middle School Chemistry with Lab

Teacher: Stephanie Gillespie

What happens when solids, liquids, and gases are heated and cooled? Why is one substance more or less dense than another?

What causes certain substances to dissolve in water? What happens when a chemical reaction takes place?

These questions and many more are explored in Middle School Chemistry, a program developed using curriculum by The American Chemical Society. Each class will include hands-on, guided, inquiry-based lessons that cover basic chemistry concepts along with the process of scientific investigation.

The class materials fee is $35 for the semester and payable to the instructor during the first week of classes.

Instructor: Stephanie G

Minimum Required Enrollment: 10

Course Length: 1, 1.5-hour class per week / 17 weeks / total 25.5 hours / semester

Cost: $229 per semester


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Grades 6-9