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Middle School Academy Half-Day Program Grades 6-8, Wednesday

Teacher: Julia Davis

Middle School Academy (Grades 6-8)

This is a one-day per week, 4.5-hour drop-off program for students in grades 6-8. The parent is NOT required to stay on campus during this time.  All teachers have had a background check completed. 

  • Literature – Tammie Dzubak
    • Quarter 1 – Lynda Mullaly Hunt has done it again in this emotionally-charged New York Times Bestselling novel that will speak to anyone who has ever thought that they didn’t fit in. This year our students will be exploring empathy as we read novels that help us to share and understand the feelings of others. Fish In A Tree explores a fictional character named Ally who learns to accept her dyslexia and discover that there is a lot more to her than a label. This tremendous account will be adored by any student who has struggled with academics and provides uplifting and positive messages throughout. 
    • Quarter 2 – Ever find that you and your preteens run out of things to really talk about? Families can read Wonder together for an even better story and discuss how to treat each other and what empathy means. And if you’ve only seen the movie, you have missed the best parts! The book is rich with detail that Hollywood left out. While not a true story, R.J. Palacio was inspired to write an account about a 5th grade boy with facial deformities after his trip to an ice cream shop. 
    • Rich with themes such as resilience, acceptance and strength, students will dive deep into Auggie’s world to find out that small acts of kindness can make a BIG difference and we all have the ability to choose to be kind. 
  • Biology – Cheryl Demas
    • This school year we will spend more time on our science topics so we can develop a deeper understanding of our physical world.  The first semester will take us into the building blocks of life – an introduction to biology and the animal kingdom. Using discussion and inquiry, we will learn about the tiniest units of life and build them out to explore the animal kingdom. 
  • Adventures in Rocket Science – Janel Zinn
    • Students will learn about the history and principles of rocketry and NASA’s newest rockets. While doing these hands-on activities, participants also learn about Hero Engines, parachutes and surface area, altitude tracking, and Newton’s Laws of Motion. We will build rockets; egg drops and other fun science projects. This class has a $50 supply fee.
  • Psychology and the Brain Connection – Renee Jackson
    • Have you ever wondered where our memories come from; what is a “real” memory and what is created as we remember?  How about personality, where does that come from? In this class we will look at questions like these and many others as we explore the connection between the brain and psychology of humans.  The class will be discussion and activity based and will require about 30 minutes of work at home each week.  

Instructors: Renee J, Janel Z, Cheryl D, Tammie D

Minimum Required Enrollment: 7 

Course Length: 4.5 hour class once per week/ 13 weeks / 58.5 hours / semester

               Quarter 1– 4.5 hour class once per week/ 7 weeks/ 31.5 hours

               Quarter 2– 4.5 hour class once per week/ 6 weeks/ 27 hours

Cost: $545 + $50 supply fee = $595 per semester, or $340 + $25 supply fee = $365 per quarter Q1

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