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Math Games

Teacher: Julia Davis

In this mixed level class, students will discover how much fun math can be. They may not even realize they are practicing math as they are playing with their peers in cooperative and competitive math games!  

Students will play various games throughout the quarter that reinforce the math skills they have already learned.  Students of all abilities are welcome and instructor will place students in similar ability level groups. Skills practiced through games include, but are not limited to – counting to ten, comparing numbers, single digit addition/subtraction,  place value up to 1000, geometric shapes, perimeter and area, fractions, multi-digit addition/subtraction, counting money and making change, solving word problems, basic multiplication/division, and creating equations using multiple operations.  

Students will have fun improving their math and enjoy playing games with their peers!  

Instructor: Julia D

Minimum Required Enrollment: 5

Course Length: 1 hour class per week/ 7 weeks / quarter

Cost: $67 per quarter

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