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Magic Tree House Adventures

Teacher: Julia Davis

Students will go on adventures with Jack and Anne as they read The Magic Tree House books together as a class. Class will start with the first book, Dinosaurs Before Dark, and will continue with the second, third and fourth book. Students will practice reading comprehension skills such as making predictions, retelling events, character descriptions, and basic literary elements. They will do addition activities relating to the topics in the books such as dinosaurs, castles, Egyptian mummies, and pirates.

Students do not need to be able to read the books on their own, as the instructor will read the books out loud in class. There may be additional reading assigned as homework and parents are encouraged to read with their child.

Students need to bring their own copy of Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon to class. Fairfax Public Library has many copies that can be checked out for quite a few weeks at a time.

Instructor: Julia D

Minimum Required Enrollment: 4

Course Length: 1 hour class per week/ Tuesday (9 weeks) / quarter

Cost: $108 per quarter (Tuesday)

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