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Lower Elementary Academy Half-Day Program Grades 2-4, Wednesday

Teacher: Julia Davis

Lower Elementary Academy (Grades 2-4)

This is a one-day per week, 4.5-hour drop-off program for students. The parent is NOT required to stay on campus during this time.  All teachers have had a background check completed. 

  •  Literature – Tammie Dzubak
    • Quarter 1 – Could you imagine adopting a talking mouse? Stuart Little is a renowned children’s fantasy that has been well received by critics and especially known for its amusing scenes! Students will explore personification while reading this tale of a talking mouse who has to overcome social barriers in order to fit in with his human family. We will explore the themes of acceptance, socialization, and growing up while discussing the vivid imagery and other wonderful literary elements (irony and metaphors to name just two) this tale has to offer. 
    • Quarter 2 – Hugh Lofting’s entertaining classic, Dr. Dolittle, about the eccentric doctor who could speak to animals has charmed readers of all ages since it was first published in 1920! This eccentric doctor who talks to animals makes for the perfect opportunity for students to describe characters based on the evidence of what they say, do, and think. Students will also examine cause and effect in a story based on the character’s actions. By the end of this classic your children too will talk to animals! 
    • When a spying ace fighter-pilot chocolate historian/medical inventor writes children’s fiction you get none other than The Fantastic Mr. Fox, a fantastic story with an even more fantastic plan. This Roald Dahl magical adventure is alive with imagery and personification. Students will learn that the narrator is an unseen character, as the book is relayed in the third person. This allows both inner thought and outside speech to be observed by the reader. But the most fantastic discussion will arise when we explore socioeconomic status and philosophy. How can Mr. Fox be morally right and morally wrong at the same time?
  • Mammals – Airyn Ibanez
    • Let’s learn all about mammals! Mammals are a particular class of animal.  We will learn what makes an animal a mammal and dive in to explore classification, characteristics, and their habitats.  We will also take a look at endangered animals and learn about the world wide efforts to protect these animals. 
  • Art – Cheryl Demas
    • With so much stunning art in the world, we are going to broaden our scope this year.  We will continue to do projects that reflect the other work we are doing at Inquisiminds, but we will also discover some famous artwork, learn about the fundamentals of art, and explore our own artistic voice.  
  • Music – Katie Stevenson
    • Playing the recorder is a great way to introduce kids to their first musical instrument. In this class students will learn basic music reading in Treble clef, the importance of breathing and correct tongue placement when playing the recorder, how to be good audience members at a musical performance, and how to play simple 3 note songs on the recorder.

Instructors: Tammie D, Airyn I, Cheryl D, Katie S

Minimum Required Enrollment: 7 

Course Length: 4.5 hour class once per week/ 13 weeks / 58.5 hours / semester

               Quarter 1– 4.5 hour class once per week/ 7 weeks/ 31.5 hours

               Quarter 2– 4.5 hour class once per week/ 6 weeks/ 27 hours

Cost: $520 per semester, or $315 per quarter Q1

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