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Junior Academy Half-Day Program Grades K-2, Tuesday

Teacher: Julia Davis

Junior Academy (Grades K-2)

This is a one-day per week, 4.5-hour drop-off program for students. The parent is NOT required to stay on campus during this time.  There will be two teachers in the classroom at all times and all teachers have had a background check completed. 

  • Literature – Mary Mleziva
    • In the Jr. Academy Literature Class, we will be reading many fun animal- themed picture books to learn about story elements in literature.  We will discuss, sing and do various activities to better understand story elements like: character, setting, plot, problem and solution. We will focus on concepts found in each story such as the author, illustrator, identifying the beginning, middle and end of a story as well as the theme, point of view, vocabulary, and comprehension questions specific to each story. This will be a very interactive class with hands-on projects and student participation!
  • Mammals – Airyn Ibanez
    • Let’s learn all about mammals! Mammals are a particular class of animal.  We will learn what makes an animal a mammal and dive in to explore classification, characteristics, and their habitats.  We will also take a look at endangered animals and learn about the world wide efforts to protect these animals. 
  • Art – Heather Parker
    • This year we will be having fun focusing on basic art elements such as colors, shapes, texture and lines.  They will have the opportunity to experience the gooey, sticky sensory feeling of finger paints, clay, various textures of nature, and inspiration that comes with using scissors, crayons and paper without any required end result.  This provides your child the path to exploration, cognitive learning and creativity. Process Art is all about the process and not the finished product so It doesn’t have to resemble anything you’ve ever seen before and it certainly doesn’t need to be recognizable. In fact, the only requirement for this type of art is for the children to have fun! And, if you have no idea what it is that you are looking at as your child proudly displays their work, you’re getting the hang of this type of art that thrives without boundaries on creativity. You can simply just ask them about their process and they are sure to tell you all about their creation. 
  • Music – Debi Carroll
    • Students will understand music by using knowledge of music theory, history, and the connections to the culture in which it was produced. They will study and practice music theory through music and imagery. They will use critical thinking skills to analyze the manner in which music is organized. Students will identify the style and distinctive characteristics of music that delineate each of the basic periods of music as well as the influence of technology and compositional techniques employed in all genres of music.

Instructors: Heather P, Airyn I, Debi C, Mary M

Minimum Required Enrollment: 7 

Course Length: 4.5 hour class once per week/ 13 weeks / 58.5 hours / semester

             Quarter 2– 4.5 hour class once per week/ 7 weeks/ 31.5 hours

Cost: $315 per quarter Q2

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