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International Junior Academy Half-Day Program Grades K-3, Thursday

Teacher: Debi Carroll

Inquisiminds International Academy, Grades K-3, Thursday

This is a one-day per week, 4.5-hour drop-off program for students in grades K-3 and 3-6.  The parent is not required to stay on campus during this time. There will be two teachers in the classroom at all times and all teachers have had a background check completed.

We will begin our world studies by concentrating on Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.  For each country we will explore the following cultural aspects:

  • Literature, Geography, History, and Culture (Debi Carroll) – Students will become familiar with stories and poetry from each country that have been passed down from generation to generation. We will focus on geography and learn to recognize and identify landmarks from these countries to gain a greater appreciation for differences in how we live. Students will learn about different ethnic wear and design and make clothing with different mediums.
  • Spanish (Airyn Ibanez): Students will be exposed to Spanish through songs, word games, and hands-on activities. The Spanish alphabet, numbering systems, and simple phrases will be introduced.
  • Art (Airyn Ibanez): It’s amazing how different countries use the same materials to create such different things. We will explore multiple mediums of art such as drawing, painting, mosaics, pottery, and other crafts.
  • Music and Dance (Zena Nguon):  Music and dance have been known to unify different cultures regardless of cultural differences. We will help students to recognize different musical instruments, songs, and dances while having LOTS of FUN!

Instructors: Debi C, Airyn I, Jenn M, Zena N

Minimum Required Enrollment: 7 

Course Length: 4.5 hour class once per week/ 13 weeks / 58.5 hours / semester

               Quarter 1– 4.5 hour class once per week/ 7 weeks/ 31.5 hours

               Quarter 2– 4.5 hour class once per week/ 6 weeks/ 27 hours

Cost: $520 per semester, or $315 per quarter Q1


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