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HS Forensic Science

Teacher: Dr. Karleen Boyle

Forensic science draws upon a variety of scientific disciplines, including biology, physics and chemistry, to analyze evidence from crime scenes with the goal of identifying the perpetrator.  This class is a great opportunity to learn basic chemistry lab techniques in an engaging, real-world context.  This course will combine lecture with hands-on laboratories to introduce techniques such as: fingerprinting, fiber analysis, ballistics, arson, trace evidence analysis, poison and drug identification, and blood and DNA analysis. Students will be presented with several hypothetical cases during which they’ll use these techniques to process a “crime” scene, analyze evidence and attempt to solve the mystery.  Join us for some challenging and fun hands-on science!

Minimum enrollment requirement: 5

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Q3: 14 Jan – 11 March 2019

Class Level

Grades 9-12