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HS Forensic Science

Teacher: Dr. Karleen Boyle

This quarter, at our student’s request, our team of forensic scientists will expand their skill set by learning how to analyze and interpret evidence from crimes involving firearms.  We’ll examine real shell casings and learn how to match them with the gun used to fire them.  We’ll also use geometry, physics and simulated blood splatter evidence to calculate the angle of incidence from a bullet hole and identify the shooter’s height and location.  We’ll hone our observation techniques using real-world incidents, and we’ll expand our chemistry repertoire by learning how to test for various poisons, explosives, and other crime scene chemical evidence.

There are no pre-requisites for this course and students do not need to have taken the first part of this course. New students are welcome to join this quarter.

Minimum enrollment requirement: 6

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Q4: 25 March – 31 May 2019

Class Level

Grades 9-12