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High School Biology with Lab

Teacher: Dr. Karleen Boyle

This course will provide a general overview of the diversity of life sciences, with an emphasis on the scientific method and current issues in biology, ecology, and evolution.

Organisms and tissues will be viewed under compound microscopes and laboratory exercises investigating biology, chemistry, and physics concepts will be conducted. Students will practice using the scientific method to design and conduct experiments and will learn how to write laboratory reports and research topics using scientific literature. (This course can be taken a single quarter at a time, or for the entire year.)

If a child wants to take the AP exam, these topics will cover what is needed for the AP exam but there will be additional work to be done outside of class to best prepare them. Parents are expected to register and pay separately for the AP exam. (In 2018 the AP exam fee was $94 per exam).

Fall Semester: Organizing Concepts of Biology and Unicellular and Early Multicellular Life

  • Characteristics of living organisms
  • The Scientific Method
  • Concepts of Evolution
  • Hierarchical Organization and Kingdoms of Life
  • Physics and Chemistry at the Cellular Level
  • Cell Biology: Cell Structures and Functions
  • Cellular Reproduction: Mitosis, Meiosis, DNA, Mendelian genetics
  • The Processes of Life: Respiration, Glycolysis, Photosynthesis
  • Viruses and Monera
  • Protista
  • Fungi

Spring Semester: Evolution of Diversity and Ecology and Biogeography

  • Comparative biology of major plant and animal phyla
  • The Plant Kingdom – vascular and non-vascular plants
  • Flowering plants and pollination
  • The Animal Kingdom – evolutionary and comparative morphology from Phylum Porifera (Sponges) – Phylum Chordata
  • Evolution of Asexual and Sexual Reproduction
  • Colonization of land – Fish to amphibians to reptiles
  • Evolution of warm-blooded phyla – birds and mammals
  • Major Biomes and Ecosystems
  • Behavioral Ecology
  • Population Structures and Dynamics
  • Interactions within biological Communities: Predator-Prey, Coevolution, Competition, Biodiversity
  • Energy Flow through Ecosystems
  • Global Processes: Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle
  • Human interactions with ecosystems

Supply fee of $50 per semester 

Minimum Enrollment: 7 students

Course Length: 1.5 hrs/week/16 weeks/ semester

Cost: $290 per semester + $50 lab fee = $340

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