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Hands on Computer Fundamentals/Literacy

Teacher: Katrin Dulanto-Hassenstein

What is a computer ? How does it work ? What is BIOS, CPU, Motherboard, LCD etc ? What is a router ? How does the internet work ?

This is a hands-on computer fundamentals class. The goal is through touching the parts inside a computer, monitor, router, and printer students will understand all the parts involved in making a computer work. Students will also become literate in computer applications (programs) to include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and HTML. Every student will work each quarter on a project like a letter (serial), a budget, high school transcript , a presentation, and a web page.

Quarter 1: Take apart a computer! What does CPU, BIOS, RAM, Motherboard stand for? Learn the basics of Microsoft Word by creating a letter or book and learn about text formatting, table of contents and header and footer.

Quarter 2: Take apart a printer! What does resolution, pt, laser stand for? Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel by creating a budget and learn about cells, formulas and functions.

Quarter 3: Take apart a monitor! What is LCD, LED, OLED ? Learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint and create a presentation and learn about: slides, transitions and animations.

Quarter 4: Take apart a router! What is IP, TCP, MAC, WWW stand for? Create your own webpage and learn about rights, domain, and html.

Each student needs to bring a Laptop with Microsoft office installed to class. Contact me, if you do not have a laptop or Microsoft office

Instructor: Katrin D-H

Minimum Required Enrollment: 4

Course Length: 50 min class per week/ 5 weeks/ quarter

Cost: $45 per quarter

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