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Exploring Storytelling Photography though Natural Light and Composition

Teacher: Diana Sherblom

Explore visual storytelling through photography in this online, live class. Through observation, discussion, hands-on learning, and critiques, we’ll investigate how composition and natural light can create mood and tell a story about our subjects. We’ll work on both exercises and personalized projects including environmental portraits, self-portraits and storytelling in a series of photographs. Students will work on projects both in class and at home. Our last class will include a gallery show, where you can show and talk about your favorite printed work with your family and friends. Beginners and avid photographers welcome! Students should have access to and bring a camera (a phone camera is fine) to class, and be able to upload files at home or save files on a usb to share in class.

Supply Fee: $20

Instructor: Diana S

Minimum Required Enrollment: 6

Course Length: 1.5-hour class per week/ 7 weeks/ quarter

Cost: $114+ $20 Supply Fee = $134 per quarter

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