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Essential Study Skills

Teacher: Sandy Boemerman

This is not a crash course in study skills – this is a yearlong, in-depth course, to give your student the tools they need to be successful in any learning environment.

This class is designed to equip students with the following study and life skills that are critical for success in upper level high school and college:

(1) how to effectively manage their time and set goals to accomplish the challenges of high school and college, and beyond

(2) discover how they individually learn best and ways to make their learning styles work for them

(3) master and practice methods for effective note taking during lectures

(4) learn strategies for test taking (multiple choice, true/false, essays and math)

(5) learn and practice multiple methods for extracting the most important information from a textbook and turning it into their own personal study guide

(6) practice various memory techniques and discover what techniques work best for them

(7) comprehend and practice critical thinking and oral/written communications woven throughout the course

(8) understand and develop habits, attitudes and thinking which support educational success. Everything that we learn will be practiced using our own course material and sometimes material from other classes they are taking. Your student will be well prepared for whatever comes next in their educational experiences and challenges. Textbook:Becoming a Master Student (January 2014 Concise Edition)by Dave Ellis

This class is a full year class

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Grades 7-12