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Beginner German 1A

Teacher: Heike Hines

Emphasis will be on speaking and listening through exercises, songs, and fun games.

We will work on greetings, saying how you are, where you come from, where you live, the alphabet and numbers, colors, toys, animals, clothing and meals. Grammar will include basic questions, yes/no questions, present tense, pronouns (nominative case), and singular and plural forms. Skills work will cover plenty of listening and speaking activities and fill in the blanks.

Instructor: Heike H

Minimum enrollment requirement: 4

Textbook: Usborne German for Beginners, hard- or softcover, whichever is cheaper

Publisher: Usborne Pub Ltd; New edition (October 31, 1986)

ISBN-10: 9780746000564

ISBN-13: 978-0746000564

ASIN: 0746000561

Course Length: 1-hour class per week / 9 weeks / quarter

Cost: $99 per quarter

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