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Algebra 2

Teacher: Sandra Mumford

Covers uniform motion, chemistry-related problems, simultaneous equations with 2 and 3 variables, non-linear equations, geometry, right-triangle trigonometry, conversion from rectangular to polar coordinates, addition of vectors, complex numbers, quadratic formulas. Revised in 2006, this version includes Lesson Reference Numbers for all problem sets and tests, which refer the student back to the lesson the concept was presented in, so they can go back and review when they come to a difficult problem. This edition also features complete solutions for test questions (located in the test packet), improved graphics, and a revised glossary and index.

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra 1

Textbook: Algebra 2: Concepts and Skills, McDougal, Littel, Larson, Boswell, et al,  ISBN-13: 978-0618552108, ISBN-10: 0618552103

Instructor: Sandra Mumford

Minimum Student Enrollment: 5

Course Length: Two, 1-hour classes per week / 14 weeks / 28 hours of instruction/ Tuesday & Thursday classes

Cost: $250 per semester


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