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Advanced Drawing


Students MUST have completed 3 quarters of Drawing before registering for this class!
In Drawing I students learned how to start a drawing, sketch out their drawings, basics on shading, and the importance of mark making, along with some of the Elements of Art. In this class  students will further their knowledge by delving into the world of color! They will learn about the color wheel, color theory, warm and cool color, color mood, and how to implement color into their drawings with shading, complimentary, and mood setting.
New supplies will be required to include watercolor pencils, watercolor paper, paintbrushes, cups and water, chalk pastel, toned paper, tortillions (blending stumps).

Instructor: Kathryn P

Minimum enrollment requirement: 3

Course Length: 1 hour per week / 9 weeks  / quarter

Cost: $86 per quarter


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