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Our Teachers

Airyn Ibanez
Science, Cake Decorating, Art
Alex Martinez
Physical Education
Andrea Stephenson
Middle School Academy
Beth Ross
Little Medical School
Cheryl Demas
Art, Elementary Academy
Coach Mo
Public Speaking
Debi Carroll
Yoga, Dance, Drama
Diana Sherblom
Dr. Karleen Boyle
Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science
Ed Linz
Elizabeth Campodonico
Life Skills
Etaine Raphael
Junior Academy
Heather Hassell
Heike Hines
Jeanine Blomberg
Yearbook Club
Jennifer McMillen
Junior Academy
Judith Bellock
Fashion and Etiquette
Kenan Ozcan
Science, Computer Programming
Mary Mleziva
Literature, Junior Academy
Ms. Kay
Pious Honny
Renee Armour-Florea
English, Middle School Academy, Junior Academy
Renee Jackson
Shabrayle Setliff
English and History
Stephanie Gillespie
Writers Workshop, Science
Tammie Dzubak
French, Spanish
Terri Kiss
Zena Nguon
Dance, Music
2019-20 Q4 Classes Open for Registrations
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